Mental Health Counselors and Services in York County

Clinician(s) License Location Phone # Focus Insurances Mainecare
Janice Hill Buxton 929-8834
Robert E. Cummings PhD, LCSW Saco 284-9113 Grief, loss, trauma, abuse,
Anne Savona LCSW Saco 284-9113 Relationship issues, depression
Ann Gayer LCSW Saco 284-9113 & anxiety,
David Jones DO Psychiatrist Arundel 985-8998 Psychiatry and counseling
Burns Riley R. Julia Kennebunk 985-9192
Dorothy Carlson Kennebunk 985-7655
Gail Chandler Kennebunlk 985-6286
Gail S. Chandler M.A., LCPC Kennebunk 985-6286 Marriage and family counseling
Patrick Maidman Psychiatrist Biddeford 283-8010 Psychiatry Yes
Counselors Biddeford/ Springvale 282-1500 Counseling and Psychiatry
Windham 892-2192 Substance Abuse Treatment
Rudy Skowronski LCSW Saco 571-3008 Counseling, trauma, individual Most Yes
Deborah Dana LCSW children, family
Phil Deveau LCSW 571-3008
Jennifer West LCSW
Cece Barron-Morse LCSW
Scott Morse LCSW
Paul Pinette LCSW Saco 284-1173 Counseling, trauma, individual, EMDR Most
Adam Dubay LCPC Counseling, trauma, EMDR, hypnosis Most
Pamela Tourangeau LCPC Counseling, trauma, EMDR Most Yes
Melinda Josiah Geaumont Kennebunk 651-8703
Jody Jansen LCSW 251-9118
Kathleen Regan LCSW 710-3350
John Romprey LCSW 229-1654
Nannette Nero-Zuke LMFT 985-5580
Deborah Langshaw LCPC Kennebunkport / Springvale 967-9811 324-9322 Individual, Couple, Group
Bruce Blackman DO Psychiatrist Biddeford 283-1118 Psychiatry and counseling
Sally Blackman LCSW
Rebecca McGrath-Conwell LCPC
Alan Boufford LCSW
Janice Black LCSW
Linda C. Reed LCP, ATR
Ann D’Alessandro Saco 282-4460 Marriage and family counseling
Pamelia Barrett West Buxton 727-4411 Marriage, family, child, individual
Saco 1-888-889-3903 Multiple levels of services Yes
Saco 1-800-434-3000 Multiple levels of services Yes
Dana Koch LCSW Saco 283-1407
Monique Spina LCSW
Lynn Watson LCSW
Carol Adams LCPC Alfred 490-3406 Marriage and family counseling
Rosemary Ananis LCSW Wells 646-6641 marriage and family counseling
Beth Andersen LCSW Kennebunk 985-0900 Marriage and family counseling
Sharon Audet LCSW Wells 646-8391 Family, individuals Most Yes
David Barry LCPC LADC Kennebunk 985-7726 Counseling and Substance abuse counseling
Cathy Bartok LCPC Wells 646-1147 CBT, EMDR, family and marital therapy Some
Diane Boyce LCSW York 363-4432 DBT therapy
Julia Burns Riley PhD, LCSW Kennebunk 985-9192 EMDR, hypnosis
Dorothy Carlson LCSW Kennebunk 985-7655 Marriage and family counseling
Alfred Cialfi PhD Biddeford 282-6410 Marriage and family counseling
Lana Clough LCSW Alfred 324-8222 Wellspring Health Center
Linda Cooke LCSW Kennebunk 467-9092 web:
Christy Cole LCPC Kennebunk 967-4929 web:
Cali Crowley LCSW Saco 284-8551 Marriage and family counseling
Greg Dumas LCSW Saco 284-9667 Family and marital therapy – addiction Most Yes
Arnold Davis LCSW Waterboro 247-6131 adults, couples, adolescents, children Yes
Betsey Davis LCSW Sanford 432-9056
Adam Dubay LCPC Saco 284-1173 EMDR, hypnosis Most No
Jim Foley 929-3663
Birgit Frandsen LCSW Kennebunk 985-3137 Marriage and family counseling
Liz Hennedy-Friel LCSW, CHT Saco 284-2145 Individuals, couples, families, adolescents
Yoli Gallagher Sanford 206-4820
Jim Gorham LCPC Sanford 324-4777
Wendy Joy LCSW Biddeford 284-5800 anxiety, gender identity, spirituality Most Yes
Renee Kazan Biddeford 459-6052
Bill Macomber LCSW Biddeford 571-8256
Michelle McCombe LCPC Kennebunk 204-1400 Marriage and family counseling
DJ Landry LCPC Scarborough 347-1824
Karen Neale Leary LCSW Sanford 206-1060 Marriage and family counseling
Jeffrey Levy LCSW Saco 284-1400 Individuals, children, family
Susan Lombardo LADC N. Berwick 676-0990 Substance Abuse Counseling
Mary Lyons LCPC, LADC Biddeford 284-0074 EMDR, substance abuse, dual diagnosis Most Yes
Art Morrissette LCSW Saco 286-2282 Marriage and family counseling
Nannette Nero-Zuke Arundel 985-5580
Deanna Normandeau LCPC 809-3859
Maureen Page LCPC Kennebunk 985-0804 Marriage and family counseling Yes
Rebecca Paschal Sanford 206-2118
Paul Pinette LCSW Saco 284-1173 Individuals, children, family, EMDR Most
Gloria Richer LCPC Springvale 324-4411 Substance Abuse Counseling
John Romprey 229-1654
Douglas Sholl LMFT Biddeford 282-6309 Marriage and family counseling – Wellspring
Monique Simone LCSW Springvale 490-4520 child and family issues, EMDR, CBT Most Yes
Andrea Summer LCPC Saco 251-3877 Adult and Adolescents
Joyce Thompson LCPC, LADC Saco 283-8403 Addictions, adults Most
Richard Tryon LCSW Saco 710-2046 marriage and family counseling
Richard Waitzkin LCSW Kennebunk 985-8043
Katherine S Westmoreland LCPC LMFT Kennebunk 985-2511 CBT, DBT, EMDR, EFT family and marital Most
Kendra Williams LCSW Sanford 850-1006 Individuals, CBT Most Yes
Mary Zachary-Lang LCPC Biddeford 571-8601
James Foley Psychologist Alfred 929-3663
John Gmeiner Psychologist Kennebunk 985-8538
Daniel Hamilton Psychologist Kennebunk Evaluations; fire risk assessments Yes
Bruce Kerr Psychologist Kennebunk 985-6675 967-4404
P. Kolosowski Psychologist Kennebunk 985-2388
Francoise Paradis Psychologist Saco 282-6730
Ann Pulsifer Psychologist Wells 646-5950
Susannah Ristine Psychologist Kennebunk 985-3137
Jerrie Will Psychologist Sanford 490-2100
Joseph Wojcik Psychologist Sanford Kennebunk 490-2100 985-3970 Adule, child, marital and evaluations
Acadia Hospital 800-640-1211
Center for Grieving Children Portland 775–5216
Day One 874-1045 Substance Abuse Juveniles
Goodall Hospital Sanford 324-4310
Maine Medical Center Portland 662-0111
Mercy Hospital Portland 857-8282 Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse
St. Mary’s Hospital Lewiston 777-8700 Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse
Southern Maine Medical Biddeford 283-7000
Spring Harbor Hospital South Portland 761-2200
Wells Regional Medical Services Wells 646-5211
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Dover, NH 603-742-5252
York Hospital York 877-363-4321 Substance Abuse Outpatient
Crisis Response Services Biddeford 282-6136

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