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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I receive a daily meditation from the Society of St. John the Evangelist brothers. The thoughts on courage and
compassion really struck me and have had an impact on my prayer and thoughts of us as a Christian Community. Along with our adult study using the book Crazy Christians by our new Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, I had been reflecting on our mission and ministry at St. George’s and where courage and compassion have come into play. Both of these thoughts have led some of us in the book study to ask ourselves, “Are we making disciples to transform the world? Or are we going to let fear keep us in a holding pattern where spiritual growth becomes
stagnant and ministry becomes ho-hum.” Lots to think about as we gather and pray together each Sunday.

During November we mixed up our worship space by removing some of the pews and adding chairs in semi-circles while using more contemporary language in our services. The altar was in our midst of us as we prayed together. Time was included in the service for us to engage one another in conversation about what church means to us,
our baptism into Christ, extravagant generosity, faith development and Risk Taking Mission and Service. We
celebrated our connections to one another while building a web of yarn, renewing our baptismal vows, and looking at how we are generous in our own lives through service to others. And we had to address how a furniture change impacted how we see church and one another. Of course we expected reactions, suggestions and excitement and we got all of this and more. PS The pews will be back in place on December 6th.

Yes, Jesus and the Church are calling us to be courageous and compassionate Christians. We welcome all in God’s name, we work together through prayer, our talents, time and treasure and we never give up. That is the “Jesus Movement” we have been called to and it is no easy road, but together we can and we will do the work before us with compassion and courage, so, “do help us dear God.”

Love, Susan +

Written by stgeorgeadmin