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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The summer is soon passed and we are starting up with many Fall ministries and activities. Our summer was a busy one with several completed projects on the outside of the church. Gary Samia was the clerk of the works as we hired professionals to refurbish the ends of the church building with some new wood and paint, the front doors were cleaned and received many coats of poly to brighten them up and a small section of the roof was fixed thanks to Lester Cail’s eagle eye. Richard Watson made sure the lawn was mowed, Tammy Chadbourne provided flowers and care, and a little elf planted some tomato plants in the memorial garden making for some tasty sandwiches and salads.

I was able to have 6 weeks of sabbatical time and a two week vacation, and best of all, Terri and I were married at St. G’s on August 29th. Your love and support for the both of us has been a pure gift.

We have many irons in the fire for Fall and early Winter so please take a moment to read about how you may be involved.

As we lie in our safe homes, protected in the richest country in the world, we must look outside our borders to others who are in need. When I go to bed at night I do not have to be in fear that my family could be bombed at any moment. I have good food to eat, excellent medical care, more clothes than I need, and a home that is fully furnished with all the comforts of home. This is all good, but also I must be concerned and aware and ready to act for those who are not safe. Millions of people all over the world are not safe. Social media brings us into contact with the other side of life and due to our blessings we need to ACT. What would Jesus have us do? ACT!!! So we will. It has become one of the vestry goals and several parishioners, that we ACT to support a family from Syria. St. G’s provided a home for an Iranian family back in the early 80s. The process has changed dramatically so we will be working with Catholic Charities Maine immigration and refugee services, along with the Episcopal Church in New York who will help us through some of the additional needs. So stay tuned and pray for the refugees and their families so we may have the courage to go outside our comfort zones and ACT!!!

May God bless you and yours as we grow in the love of God and our neighbors, Susan+

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