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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The trees are blossoming, pollen is in the air, daffodils and tulips have raised their heads and we are mowing lawns, planting gardens and savoring the warm weather. It has been a very busy spring at St. George’s. We offered hospitality and dinners to three elementary school and KIDS CLUBS with their parents. The food prepared by several parishioners and the flowers donated by Jim and Jean Wilson were so much appreciated.

I am preparing for some sabbatical time from June 1st – July 15th. I will be studying liturgy, attending a retreat and the rest of the time spending some quality time with my mother and family. The Vestry, Deacon Wanda and the Rev. Mary Ann Hoy will be making sure all things run smoothly. I am grateful to all of you for this gift of time and renewal.

Love, Susan+

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